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22 février 2012 3 22 /02 /février /2012 21:12


Thanks to a great Dr from the Amiens hospital, specialised in Tropical health we have a complet anti-malaria and vaccination program!!

In all we have been vaccinated against all these diseases :

- Yellow fever

- Hépatites A et B

- Rabies

- Japonese encephalitis

- DT Polio and whooping cough

- Ttyphoïde

- German measles/Mumps/Measles

- And finally Malarone, Savarine and Doxypalu to prevent Malaria (in amazonia, Laos and Madagascar)...but in the case we still get Malaria we can treat ourselves with Quinimax...

By then, we will probably need medication against all the side effects ;)

All in all, I received 2 jabs, every other Monday, for a month and a half !!...I still haven't received the bills....



That is where we get luckier : nothing needed for all South America !! So the first visas will be required in Asia, in October !




One day of July 2010...each one of us took a map and listed all the countries we dreamt of visiting (the one and unique criteria to be enlisted was to make us dream)

And, quite surprisingly, we had about 15 countries in commun and 3 to 4 more countries (as Alaska for Alex and Ouzbekistan for Natalie...those countries wer automatically removed from the llist)


Then we had to combine the following :

- Climates, we wanted to stay under sumer weather

- flight connections between continents : Africa is really hard to get too from anywhere else than Europe...That's how Africa got crossed off the list...except for Madagascar, thanks to it's connaction to India

- round the world fares have restrictions such as the number of stops, the amount of miles, and not all the stops are possible with all the companies


As a result :

After many, many, hours on the internet sites (Skyteam, Star Alliance et One World) we chose the Oneworld ticket, the most adapted to our tour. And we will visit the following countries  : Argentina (Patagonia) : March, Brazil : April, Guatemala : May, Costa Rica : June to August, Australia : Septembe,r Laos and Burma : October to January, India : February, Madagascar : March to May

15 Months planned

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Frédérique Pouet 28/02/2012 20:31

hello Alex et donc Nat... ça y est, c'est parti... ?! alors profitez bien, vous êtes dans le vrai... les rencontres, l'aventure, la vie simplement... Enjoy your trip and have fun, both of you !!